Bromeliad mosquitoes


There are two species of mosquitoes that only reproduce in the phytotelmata, or water holding structures, of bromeliads.  The adults of these mosquitoes will readily bite warm-blooded animals including man.  The adults are small and are not strong flyers.  These mosquitoes are active during the day but tend to prefer shaded areas of the forest.   Gravid females (full of eggs) hover over bromeliads and drop their eggs into the water reservoir of the plant.  Some eggs can withstand a dry period of several weeks before hatching. (Photo by Robert Noonan)



Bromeliad mosquitoes Wyeomyia spp. (Family: Culicidae)

Habitat (adults): Tropical hardwood hammocks where bromeliads are found

Larval habitat: bromeliads

Flight: All year

Florida range: Southern Florida

Occurrence: locally abundant

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