Florida intertidal firefly (fiddler crab firefly)


This interesting firefly is only found at the intertidal zone of coastal salt marshes in the the following counties of Florida:  Levy, Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Volusia, Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie.  The larval stage (left photo) is luminescent as well as the adult (right photo).  As the common name indicates, the larva of this species is found where fiddler crabs often burrow.  This rare, but beautiful beetle is now threatened due to habitat destruction. 



Florida Intertidal Firefly (Fiddler Crab Firefly) Micronaspis floridana Green (Family: Lampyridae)

Habitat:  Larva can be found along the high tide mark in coastal saltmarshes

Diet:  The larva have been known to feed on snails.  Adults most likely feed on nectar

Florida range:  Several coastal counties of the eastern shoreline of  Florida

Occurrence:  Rare, considered threatened

Link for more information:  http://www.natureserve.org/explorer/servlet/NatureServe?searchName=MICRONASPIS+FLORIDANA




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