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How to purchase an InfoLink

InfoLinks provide Florida Entomologist  authors opportunities to publish supplementary material (e.g., color illustrations, complete data sets, audio clips) and, in most implementations, to add to and correct the supplementary material later.

How an InfoLink works

An “InfoLink” is a hyperlink that is installed at an article’s listing in the online table of contents of an issue of Florida Entomologist. An InfoLink hyperlink functions in one of two ways:

(1) The InfoLink acesses a URL of the author’s choosing.

The URL that is accessed will, in most cases, be an HTML file under the author’s control. This file may direct the viewer to other files relevant to the published article or to its author(s).

The advantage of this type of InfoLink is that the author retains control of the content that is reached. The disadvantage is that the link will probably go dead in 50 years or less.

(2) The InfoLink accesses a file or files permanently posted on the same web site as the article.

The author  submits the file or files to be posted. If more than one file, one of the files must contain hyperlinks to the others. This “gateway” file will be the one reached by clicking on the article’s InfoLink hyperlink.

Because the content of permanently posted files cannot be changed, the author should make sure that the information in the files will not quickly become outdated. In a permanently posted file, the author can nonetheless link to files that can be updated.

Preparing the file or files for this type InfoLink is entirely the author’s responsibility. Before submission, be sure that all links work and that spelling and grammar meet your standards.


Your InfoLink will be indicated by the phrase “More information” under your name in the online table of contents that lists your article. You can make the link more descriptive by specifying up to 20 additional words. For example, your link could read “More information: color pictures of all species and the complete data matrix.”

To examine an InfoLink with color illustrations, go online to the article by James E. Lloyd in the June 1997 issue of Florida Entomologist.  To examine an Infolink with a long data set, go online to the article by Zaifu Xu et al. in the December 2011 issue of Florida Entomologist.

When and how to purchase

You can purchase an InfoLink when you publish an article. You can also purchase an InfoLink at any time for any of your articles. All that an author need do to purchase a Link is to fill out an InfoLink form (see below) and send it with the $45 payment to Business Manager, Florida Entomologist, P.O. Box 1007, Lutz, FL 33548-1007. Please send a copy of the InfoLink form and any   supplementary materials to editor.flaentsoc@gmail.com.

Removing or changing an InfoLink

You may delete your InfoLink at any time, without charge, by written request to the Associate Editor for Florida Entomologist on WWW (rmankin1@ufl.edu). For the cost of a new InfoLink, an author may substitute a new Link for an old one.

Note: If you delete an InfoLink that involves one or more permanently posted files, the files will not be deleted when the hyperlink is removed. Although they will no longer be accessible from the relevant online table of contents, they can be reached by anyone who has their URLs. If you substitute a new Link for a deleted one, you may either ignore earlier permanently posted files or link to and explain them.

Request for InfoLink in Florida Entomologist on WWW

Use this form to request an InfoLink for any article that is already in Florida Entomologist  or for any article that has been accepted for publication in Florida Entomologist but is not yet online.

Send the completed form and $45 to Business Manager, Florida Entomologist, P.O. Box 1007, Lutz, FL 33548-1007.

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Title of article: _________________________________________________________________


Volume and issue of Florida Entomologist: __________________________________________

What type of Link do you want? (check one)

o URL o submitted file(s)
If a URL, what is the URL? _______________________________________________
If one or more files, please emil them to editor.flaentsoc@gmail.com with a copy of this form. Mail the form and the payment to Business Manager, Florida Entomologist, P.O. Box 1007, Lutz, FL 33548-1007

How do you want your InfoLink labeled? (check one)

o The default, which is “More information.”
oMore information: ___________________________________________________

[Add as many as 20 words.]

Last updated- 28-JUN-2012.