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3/7/15  Call for SymposiaWorkshopsFES2015
3/7/15  Call for nominations for 2015 FES Honors and Awards

2/23/15  2015 Florida Entomological Society Annual Meeting
3/24/15 March 2015 issue of Florida Entomologist (Voume 98:1) has been posted in
  Florida OJ. and soon on  BioOne . See also Entomotropica, published by the Sociedad Venezolana de Entomologia

Notice to FES Members - Changes in Format and Page Charges Beginning with Volume 98 (2015)
New Journal Submission procedures Beginning March 25, 2015. See Authors Instructions: http://flaentsoc.org/auinstr.htm

From The Distributed European School of Taxonomy (DEST): a new website and training programme for 2014-2015!  

 Check out the Modern Taxonomy programme offering intensive theoretical courses in various subjects. Also, have a look at the Expert-in-training programme enabling trainees to develop and strengthen their taxonomic research skills through on-the-job-training.

 Several training courses have an entomological subject and may of particular interes:
Methods and principles of systematic zoology (sensu lato: including zoogeography and phylogenetics) and systematics of the Buprestidae (Coleoptera)
Training programme in Entomology with specialization in fossil insects: phylogeny, biogeography, and palaeoecology
Taxonomy of European biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)
Entomological research in protected areas
Taxonomy of cave beetles with emphasis on Coleoptera Cholevinae
Collecting methods and identification of parasitic wasps, with special emphasis on Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera)  
Training program in Entomology (special. Diptera Syrphidae), emphasis on collection management and bioindicator used

4/23/14 Revised:  Honors, Awards, and Tributes Page  
Howard Weems, John Kingsolver, Stuart Fullerton
4/5/14 In 2016, the Florida Entomological Society, the Entomological Society of America, and the Entomological Society of Canada are co-locating their annual meetings with the International Congress of Entomology (ICE 2016).

 Here is a link to the CALL for SYMPOSIA:
4/12/14 FES Junior and Senior Awards at the 59th Florida State Science and Engineering Fair:

Collin Oi (Lincoln Middle School, Gainesville) received the FES Junior Competition Award for: Comparing the foraging efficiency of Nylanderia fulva and Solenopsis invicta.

Evan MacKay (Vero Beach High School, Vero Beach) received the FES Senior Competition Award for:
Distribution and movement of Diaprepes abbreviatus.
5/01/12 Pictures from the 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 , 2005 , 2004, 2003, and 2002  Annual Meetings.
Also, pictures from
Insect Encounters 2010
Other pictures at
Honors, Awards, and Tributes Pages 
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4/4/10 Web pages about common
Florida Pests
 5/01/10 Web pages about
Florida Insect Diversity
2/24/15 Web pages about
Citrus Greening Database

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